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Ricoh Pj Wxl5670 Dlp Projector - 720P - Hdtv A27C7D
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Ricoh Pj Wxl5670 Dlp Projector - 720P - Hdtv A27C7D

3 952 USD

Showcase messages with laser technology on a budgetBring great ideas to the screen for your audience while staying on a budget with the RICOH PJ WXL5670/PJ WUL5670

The PJ WXL5670 is ideal for widescreen projections of videos and computer screens via PC and HDMI interfaces

Remotely control or reconfigure settings via optional AV management software to further keep maintenance hands-free.Create experiences that stick with audiencesReveal lifelike images in true HDIf you have important ideas to share, why not engage your audience with vivid experiences that let them think big with you? With the PJ 5670 Series, you can immerse your audience in your ideas

Not only does this reduce fan noise, it allows you to tilt PJ 5670 Series units 360° to project onto floors, ceilings and angled walls

And with the 5,200-lumens, fixed lens design of the PJ 5670 Series, you can eliminate the hassle and high costs of interchangeable lenses-yet still show brilliant HD video and presentations on 30″ - 300″ diagonal screen sizes

Or, select the PJ WUL5670 for stunning WUXGA resolution of 1920×1200 dpi-ideal for displaying rich HD content without downscaling for high-definition widescreen TV signals, DVDs and Blu-ray™ images

With the PJ WXL5670, you can display widescreen WXGA images with 1280×800 dpi resolution in a 16:10 aspect ratio

Run the projector longer with less heat, maintenance and noise to keep your audience''s focus on your message

The PJ WUL5670 accepts and displays true HD signals using 2,304,000 pixels for HDTV and movies

The laser illumination with DLP projection technology unlocks 1.07 billion colors, high luminosity and 3D image capabilities

Because the PJ 5670 Series combines® laser technology with the brilliance of Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection, you can share your ideas with brighter colors and sharper lines for more lifelike representations

The absence of traditional lamps means that the PJ WXL5670/PJ WUL5670 are ready to go at a moment''s notice and generate minimal heat, so less airflow and venting for cooling is needed

Or, select the PJ WUL5670 for 1920×1200 dpi resolution and even more lifelike reproductions. Mount these virtually maintenance-free projectors anywhereDeploy the PJ 5670 Series in hard-to-access places and avoid the costs and worry of changing lamps and cleaning filters-it''s virtually maintenance-free for up to 20,000 hours of laser life

Choose between two easily mounted projection systems to showcase your ideas professionally to large audiences without any training or IT support

Also, HDBaseT connectivity helps to minimize maintenance headaches from dealing with HDMI and other cables-now, you can use just one cable for all HD video and audio, and show uncompressed video in HD format without degrading signal or image quality

Plus, take advantage of multiple PC and HDMI terminals, as well as a fixed lens, to give a memorable presentation with speed, ease and convenience. Deliver your message clearlyKeep your audience fully engaged with professional-quality presentations powered by precise laser illumination

Project brilliant high-definition images and videos in larger conference rooms, classrooms, churches and other venues-and captivate every audience, every time

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