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Trademark Commerce Tmc-10-1700-300D 300 Chip Texas Hold'em Set W/deluxe Case 49027F
# D9Bb12121

Trademark Commerce Tmc-10-1700-300D 300 Chip Texas Hold'em Set W/deluxe Case 49027F

143 USD

These Texas Hold'em Poker Chips are the latest edition to our Poker Chip Collection

The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and homestyle play alike

Playing cards depicted are subject to change without notice

The handles are secured with oversize rivets to ensure strong connections for many years of use

These valuable chips are rare and will maintain or increase in value throughout the years. Dimension:3×10×16.5 in. Dimension: 3×10×16.5 in. Dimension: 3×10×16.5 in.

Texas Hold’em Poker has captured the world’s attention, and with this chip we are releasing the only Texas Hold’em Poker Chip on the market! With the words «TEXAS HOLD’EM» engraved along the outer rim of the chip as well as the famous «Big Slick» suited hand represented with the Ace & King of Diamonds cards, this chip is truely a must have for any Texas Hold’em Poker player! These chips are available in your choice of 7 different colors. These 39 mm diameter casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight

The new carrying case exterior is made of a padded black vinyl material with solid brass latches and hinges

It is at our discretion to replace playing cards with a similar product of equal or higher quality at any timePull out ribbons are included so the cards and dice can easily be removed from their compartments

C Copyright 2006 All Rights ReservedThese poker chips are copyright protected and registered with the U. S

It is unlawful for any of our competitors to sell a copy of this chip’s style or characteristics

The fully felt lined interior of the case is outfitted with a compartment for 300 chips, two decks of cards and 5 dice. AS A BONUS TWO DECKS OF CARDS AND 5 DICE ARE INCUDED IN THIS SET

Therefore, this chip will not be widely available in any form except through our warehouse

They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino quality chip

Copyright office and are only available through us the manufacturer or our authorized dealers

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