Microsoft announces OneDrive Personal Vault for sensitive files
Microsoft today announced OneDrive Personal Vault, a new security layer for protecting sensitive and important files. The feature is rolling out “soon” to the web, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 ...

Microsoft’s New OneDrive Personal Vault Keeps Important Files On Lockdown When You Travel
The conundrum of how to keep very sensitive documents safe but also instantly accessible has always been a challenge for travelers. A decade ago, travelers often carried photocopies of their passports ...

Microsoft OneDrive gets a more secure Personal Vault, plus additional storage options
Microsoft is launching a new layer of security for users of its OneDrive cloud storage service. OneDrive Personal Vault is a new section of your storage that's accessed through two-step ...

Microsoft's new OneDrive Personal Vault ups your cloud storage security
It seems when one box closes, another box opens. Microsoft announced Tuesday it will add a new feature to its OneDrive cloud storage service called Personal Vault, which provides a secure solution for ...

Personal information for 22 million people was exposed. A court blames a federal agency.
A federal appeals court has revived the chances of monetary awards being paid to federal employees and others whose personal information was exposed in hacks of two government databases that were ...

Personal incomes are growing the most in these states so far in 2019
States are experiencing a slowdown of growth in wages, though personal income in the U.S. increased in every state except one. Continue Reading Below New data released by the Bureau of Economic ...

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