Afs Af-Olk52A-D-Fc, Af-Olk5 Fiber Optic Test Kit 4E5C84
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Afs Af-Olk52A-D-Fc, Af-Olk5 Fiber Optic Test Kit 4E5C84

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Advanced Fiber Solutions, Inc

The laser source has a single output with a fixed ST, FC or SC connector

The AF-OLK52A-D Test Kit combines the AF-OM120A optical power meter, AF-OS430 Laser light source and AF-OS420 LED light source. This kit is ideally suited for testing fiber optic networks, both Single mode and multimode cables

The AF-OS420 is a 850nm /1330nm LED light source, both LED’s are potted in fixed ST housings

Kit Content AF-OM120A AF-OS430 AF-OS420 AD-100 (2.5mm Universal Adapter) Product Manual Power Adjustment Tool Batteries Alco wipes Meter Cal Cert Kit Highlights and Key Features Compact light weight carrying case 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm & 1625nm dBm/W (absolute) + dB (relative) measurement Graphical display with testing guide Zero reference with dBm value displayed dBm and Watts displayed simultaneously Optional: 2 mm and 3 mm Ger detector available for larger core applications 0.1dB/0.01dB Resolution (Selectable) Meter calibration certificate included Display back light Auto power off N.I.S.T

The AF-OM120A power meter includes such features as 0.01dB resolution, Watts readout, Zero referencing and a TIA testing procedure reference guide

(AFS), AF-OLK52A-D-FC, AF-OLK5 Series Single Mode & Multimode Fiber Optic Test Kit The OLK5 Series fiber optic test kits offer a complete solution for the installer to test, terminate and trouble shoot a fiber optic system

The AF-OS430 is a 1310nm /1550nm Laser light source

We manufacture kits for single-mode, multimode and POF applications

traceable Single mode and multimode applications

All kits include a carrying case, one connector adapter, cleaning wipes, power adjustment tool and instructional manual

These test kits are designed to enable testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable

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