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5-Tier Cell Phone Storage Locker In Bronze Finish Db210A
# 1D2A22323

5-Tier Cell Phone Storage Locker In Bronze Finish Db210A

1 177 USD

Includes clear plastic card holder with card

D x 31 in


W x 5.25 in

W x 0.63 in

Installation Instructions

Card holder: 2 in

One compartment for panel lock

Resettable combination locks with master control key can be set to fixed combination or combination that can be reset after each use

H (65 lbs.)

Overall: 30.5 in

Compartment depth: 8 in.

Mounting hardware not included

Front access panel swings on continuous hinge

Made from heavy duty aluminum

A doors: 6.5 in

20 A doors


Surface mounted

ISO 9001: 2008 certified

W x 8.75 in

Accommodate cell phones, keys, wallets, cameras and other valuable items

Ideal for use in health clubs, government facilities, office buildings, schools and other settings where small personal items need to be stored safely and securely

88 100