Uber Freight is expanding its services while Uber's core ride-hailing business stagnates
Uber Freight is expanding its utility of services, including a load bundles tool and extending its affiliated preloaded trailer company, Powerloop.

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Beavercreek small business lands $1.3B in new defense contracts
The larger of the two deals, awarded by the General Services Administration (GSA), is to provide ... The contracts are huge wins for the small business, which has been growing its presence in the ...

Uber sues New York City, says 'cruising cap' threatens its business model
Uber says new rules around traffic and congestion in New York City threaten its business model. The ride-hailing company ... 2018 that capped the number of ride-hailing vehicles from services like ...

How To Build A Small Business Competitive Strategy
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Glamour Bubble Mailers-13.75 X 11 -Purple-50/cs 1D8A6F
# 561110436

Glamour Bubble Mailers-13.75 X 11 -Purple-50/cs 1D8A6F

53 USD

Metallic Exterior protection— made from aluminized foil—which enables easy label, stamp and ink application Interior protection—contains a premium bubble cushioning that’s designed to absorb shock, falls and mishandling during transit Glossy colorful attention commanding exterior—ideal for promotion or logo/brand printing and marketing—excellent for gift packaging High adhesive seal strip—packages are tightly securedProvides excellent protection during shipments— puncture resistant and tamper/water proofNegates dust and dirt damageApproved by UPS, FedEx, and USPSIdeal for fragile/non-fragile large size shipments

Economical shipping method—substantially less expensive than using corrugated boxes and mailing tubes

89 100