A Planetary Computer to Avert Environmental Disaster
If environmental reports published this year were connected to an alarm system, the sound inside the United Nation's Manhattan headquarters would be deafening—we are facing a five-alarm fire. Myriad ...

Incredible price drop on the 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle
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A machine learning framework for automated diagnosis and computer-assisted planning in plastic and reconstructive surgery
Current computational tools for planning and simulation in plastic and reconstructive surgery lack sufficient precision and are time-consuming, thus resulting in limited adoption. Although ...

How to check which version of macOS your Mac computer is running in 3 simple steps
To check which macOS version your Mac computer is running, or to update it, you can simply go into the "About This Mac" menu on your Mac.

Demo probabilistic computer runs at room temperature, factors numbers
The phenomenal success of our integrated circuits managed to obscure an awkward fact: they're not always the best way to solve problems. The features of modern computers—binary operations ...

Brain-computer interfaces without the mess
It sounds like science fiction: controlling electronic devices with brain waves. But researchers have developed a new type of electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode that can do just that, without ...

Men's Detachable Fleece Liner Two-Piece Outdoor Windproof Jacket Size 77486E
# Bff419410

Men's Detachable Fleece Liner Two-Piece Outdoor Windproof Jacket Size 77486E

56 USD

8000mm waterproof index / sweat absorbent / anti-acid & alkali / anti-static / wear resistant / warm keeping / anti-UV / radiation protection

85 100