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Aemc 2137.52, Single/three-Phase Power Energy Logger 5763F0
# 77Ac2628

Aemc 2137.52, Single/three-Phase Power Energy Logger 5763F0

1 895 USD

AEMC, 2137.52, Single/Three-Phase Power & Energy Logger w/3 MA193-10-BK Sensors & LCD The PEL 103 is a low cost, simple to use, one, two (split phase) and three phase (Y, Δ) power/energy data logger

Features: Measurement of RMS voltages and currents at 128 times per cycle and stored every second Measurement of VA, W and var power values (total and per phase) stored every second Measurement of VAh, Wh and varh energy values (total and per phase) per second with source/load indication Calculation of the cos φ Displacement Power Factor (DPF) and the Power Factor (PF) stored every second Calculation of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Measurement, calculation and display of the harmonics up to the 50th order for 50/60 Hz and 7th order for 400Hz Measurement of the DC quantities (RMS calculation) Display Measurements Electrical network quantities are stored on a removable SD-Card Automatic recognition of the connected current sensors DataView software for configuration, data retrieval and real-time viewing of measurements with a PC Compact and rugged case Versatile communication interface choices built in (USB, Ethernet, Class 1 Bluetooth) Applications: Measure efficiency, find areas for potential savings Track Sub-billing occupants for energy costs Assign energy costs to departments or operations within a department Track peak demand periods and find opportunities for surcharge reductions Determine present capacity and circumvent unnecessary electrical expansion costs Verify the reliability and operation of electrical machinery Improve response time to solve power related problems Track energy availability and reliability of supply Reduce field service time at sub-stations Configure all functions of the Power Quality Meters Display and analyze real-time data on your PC Configure functions and parameters from your PC Customize views, templates and reports to your exact needs Create and store a complete library of configurations that can be uploaded as needed Zoom in and out and pan through sections of the graph to analyze the data Download, display and analyze recorded data Display waveforms, trend graphs, harmonic spectrums, text summaries, transients, event logs and stored alarms Print reports using standard or custom templates you design Free updates are available

This product is ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the area of building and system monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential and overall energy audits

Individual harmonic % information from 1 to the 50th harmonic are recorded at the operator’s choice

All variables are recorded and stored at a one second interval and on user selectable demand intervals from 1 to 60 minutes

Data can be retrieved using a USB, Bluetooth and/or Ethernet (local or internet) connection by transporting the SD card back to a PC

Reports can be generated with confidence with minimal configuration time and effort (Standard and Customizable Reports supplied)

The comprehensive DataView® software (included) provides the ability to view data from several hundred PEL 100 series instruments on a local network or over the internet allowing the user to evaluate energy usage in a department or facility basis, a remote site, or even in a city, anywhere in the world

All vital energy data is easily measured, recorded, and analyzed

The PEL 100 series offers all the essential functions for logging power/energy data from most electrical power networks in use today across the world (17 network set-ups provided)

Power Factor (PF), Displacement Power Factor (DPF), Crest Factor, Frequency and THD are calculated and recorded as well

Data is stored on a removable SD card

DataView® allows measurements to be viewed in real-time on a PC and stored data to be downloaded for analysis and report generation

The PEL 100 series energy loggers measure and record three voltage inputs and current inputs, Watts, VARS, VA and Energy (kWh and kVA)

Energy costs can be calculated and displayed quickly and easily by simply inputting the unit cost for a kilowatt hour into the software

Includes: Small classic tool bag Three MiniFlex" MA 193−10- BK sensors 5 ft USB cable Four black test leads and alligator clips Power cord 12 color-coded ID markers Multifix mounting system Safety card Sensor compliance sheet 2GB SD-Card with USB-SD-Card reader Quick start user guide USB stick supplied with DataView software User manual The instrument’s design enables it to be installed inside a load center panel (including the current sensors) allowing the door to close on most panels

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