Baffled police officers pull over ‘strangest vehicle’ before finding out it was perfectly legal
The strange automobile appeared to be a three wheeler as some people described it as a cross-over between a small boat and a plane cockpit. Officers said it was the most unusual vehicle they had ever ...

Pertronix Ignitor Ii - V8 - Chevrolet 311045
# 75D7740

Pertronix Ignitor Ii - V8 - Chevrolet 311045

121 USD

Fits Chevrolet V-8 engine with single point distributor.

The Ignitor II fits inside the distributor cap for a stock look, and is able to adjust for the best possible spark over the entire RPM range with its powerful new microcontroller

Do not use solid core wires with the Ignitor ll.

Requires the use of a low resistance (0.6 ohms) coil like our Flame Thrower II

It monitors the dwell constantly, and makes adjustments to maintain peak efficiency and give your spark plugs up to 4 times the energy of a conventional points system

87 100