Why this diabetes patient fears a no-deal Brexit
Georgina is one of the UK's one million diabetes sufferers, and fears a no-deal Brexit could mean a shortage of the medical supplies she depends on. David Doyle reports. Georgina is one of the UK's ...

Understanding and Managing Patient Denial: A Key to Better Healthcare
Addressing patient denial of their conditions is an important core competency of modern physicians and nurses. Getty Of all the topics I wish was better taught when I was a medical student, learning ...

Patient TV charges to be scrapped at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Patients will no longer have to pay to watch TV while they are in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. NHS Lothian has given one year's notice to end its contract with Hospedia, which charges £5 for two ...

Navigating Cancer raises $26M, aims to change the patient experience for oncology care
Navigating Cancer, a Seattle startup that makes software to help providers and patients manage cancer treatment, landed $26 million in a Series D investment round. The funding was led by Merck Global ...

Reversal of Surfactant Protein B Deficiency in Patient Specific Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Lung Organoids by Gene Therapy
Surfactant protein B (SFTPB) deficiency is a fatal disease affecting newborn infants. Surfactant is produced by alveolar type II cells which can be differentiated in vitro from patient specific ...

Long before current outbreak of vaping-related illness, a Portland patient was stricken
Eight years ago, long before the current health scare from e-cigarettes, a pulmonologist at Legacy Health documented a case of vaping-related pneumonia. A 42-year-old woman was admitted to Legacy Good ...

R B Glove Box Dispensing System, Triple Wire Glove Box 4E9C14
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R B Glove Box Dispensing System, Triple Wire Glove Box 4E9C14

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