‘At least she’s home’: Family remembers Ashley Johnson-Barr one year later
KOTZEBUE, Alaska (KTUU) - A year after 10-year-old Ashley Johnson-Barr was found murdered outside Kotzebue, father Scotty Barr remembers when a local police officer told him she had been found. “I ...

Home & Family Host and AMC Alum Cameron Mathison Shares Kidney Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Plan
Cameron Mathison has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and will undergo surgery this Thursday to remove a tumor, he announced on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, which he co-hosts. “About a month ago ...

'We need her home': Family pleads for help finding missing 47-year-old woman
The family of a 47-year-old woman who has been missing since Tuesday is asking for help from the public in finding her. "I really need my mom home," said her daughter Ciara Dymond, who has been ...

Vietnam vet found covered with ant bites before dying at VA nursing home, family says
(CNN) -- An Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam was bitten more than 100 times by ants at a government veterans' home where his room was full of insects, according to his family. Laquana Ross said ...

'Bring her home': Family holds vigil in honour of Tanya Jane Nepinak
Sue Caribou, centre, stands with a group of women in traditional ribbon skirts playing music in memory of her niece, Tanya Jane Nepinak, who disappeared eight years ago. (Walther Bernal/CBC) Family of ...

Lesson Booster Elementary Series 410449
# 67C65315

Lesson Booster Elementary Series 410449

97 USD

Angry? Catch Your Anger - In this information-packed program children learn safe and appropriate ways to handle anger

*PARENTAL CAUTION: This Lesson Booster series is intended for counseling and guidance programs, and includes scenes which depict real life situations about peer pressure, anger, bullying, and mild violence

Got A Problem? Keep Your Hands to Yourself — In this segment children learn that hitting and poking does not solve problems, but can make the problems worse

This is done solely for dramatic effect in order to help teach students how to control their emotions in a school setting.

Simple strategies such as counting to 10 gives you a chance to cool off

Students understand that they can be in charge when they re able to catch their angry feelings and walk away from a situationthat is making them feel angry inside. Stop and Think Stop and think is a simple strategy introduced to children

Just Walk AwayChildren learn that recognizing their angry feelings is the first step towards handling anger

Viewers learn how stop and think can help them control their angry feelings

Viewers discover how asking questions can help solve a problem before it begins. Share IdeasChildren learn that when you encounter a problem, you can come up with ideas to solve the problem

Viewers will also see that there may be many ideas that can solve a problem and you can work to find a solution that makes everyone happy

Relax and Take A Break — In this segment, viewers are shown how walking away from a frustrating situation and relaxing can help them feel

Children will learn that making assumptions and blaming makes other people angry and makes problems worse

Viewers see how using your words and talking about the problem can lead to a safe and happy solution. Ask QuestionsThis segment of the program gives viewers strategies to use when they face a problem

98 100