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Deluxe Steampunk Black Corset C73787
# Bd738219

Deluxe Steampunk Black Corset C73787

60 USD

The Ultimate Steam FiendThe steampunk history alternative is quite delightful

Just don’t forget to have fun with the accessories

From the classic goggle to cog detailed jewelry, once you’re dressed in this top, you can customize your costume to your heart’s content

The corset has an angular sweetheart neckline with a faux-leather trim along the top as well as down the boning

The corset even laces up the back with a modesty panel to keep you covered. Stand with your CaravanAre your ready to glamour up in this black corset? No one will cross you once you’re strapped in and ready to rock

The body is structured with boning and hooks down the front

or a car if you swing like that

The thing is, you need to discover your very own steampunk persona. Are you an air pirate who is always planning attacks on the next hot air balloon? Maybe you’re an underground circus leader who is secretly putting together robotic trapeze artists in your caravan

We like to think that a character that would wear this ensemble would be an evil mastermind, coming up with a brilliant scheme to plans to raid a gold mine. That’s right, the man can’t keep you down.

Anyway, whatever your steampunk background might be, what you’re wearing helps make your character come to life. Product DetailsThis corset can be paired with all sorts of ensembles, steampunk or otherwise

Instead of languishing away in smokey parlors while the coal smog taps on the windows, ladies are taking action

They wrench on cogs and gears, soldering together giant vehicles that could look like anything from a spider to a giant snail.

The five silver buttons drape chains down the sides of this top, adding a tough vibe

Now all you need is a troupe to lead and you’re ready to sally forth!

83 100