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Star Trek Secret Wishes Classic Uhura Costume E35Ab9
# 7Af421787

Star Trek Secret Wishes Classic Uhura Costume E35Ab9

55 USD

No one should keep their deep desire to become Leuitenant Uhura a secret

First off, you’ve got to know your math

The dress has just enough stretch and has three quarter length sleeves and a black-bordered v-neck

But the Starfleet team knows how to combine fashion and function

In our minds, you never know if you’re going to end up on a chilly planet if you’re traveling through space

We understand that earth grounded people might feel a little hesitation when it comes to wearing a miniskirt in space

Uhura can calculate numbers better than anyone on her ship

A short hemline can always be balanced with tall boots

So, don’t keep your identity as Uhura a secret, the universe needs you!

Pair this with a pair of tall black boots to complete your look

The Star Fleet logo is printed on the chest and gold bands accent the sleeves to give the ensemble a classy factor

Plus, she discovers planets like crazy! You'll be unmistakable as Lieutenant Uhura in this red Starfleet uniform

She used to be able to run the hundred meter dash in record time

She’s just too good of a character! She’s got it all: courage, brains, beauty, and tactical genius

After all, they really know how to put together an outfit in the year 2265! Plus, if Lieutenant Uhura could deal with that super cute but not super functional uniform while she was taking care of business in space then you could really rock the same dress while your two feet are planted on earth! There are other things to emulate when you want to be like Uhura

99 100