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Hpe Smart Connect 10/25Gbe Balanced Workload Kit Bbd663
# D8F918931

Hpe Smart Connect 10/25Gbe Balanced Workload Kit Bbd663

64 722 USD

Network automation that simplifies rack server networking at scale.HPE Smart Connect Manager is an innovative solution that leverages best-of-breed HPE ProLiant server and Arista networking technology to simplify and automate rack server networking for large enterprises and cloud service providers who are deploying at scale.HPE Smart Connect Bundles, which includes the HPE Smart Connect Manager, can help server administrators easily and quickly interconnect large numbers of HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers and HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, helping to simplify, automate, and validate server network connectivity (across dozens of server racks) speeding data center infrastructure provisioning

For an order of 15 racks of servers, HPE Smart Connect Bundles reduces the number of SKU''s from 36 to 4 including the required software, licenses and cabling

Automated, Tested and Repeatable Process for Predictable Results HPE Smart Connect Bundles deploys both servers and networks consistently through automation reducing human errors freeing up skilled resources to work on higher value projects

Based on industry-standard leaf/spine data center network architecture, server connectivity and management activities are implemented using HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) Redfish API and Arista CloudVision software

Full lifecycle management with automatic verification of the environment including cable verification confirms that the infrastructure is operating as intended

Features Streamlined Procurement with Vetted, Workload-based Combinations The HPE Smart Connect Bundles offers pre-defined hardware and license bundles to make ordering simple

Scale by simply adding additional workload kits as needed

Manage the complete topology, from the server NIC through leaf/spine fabric, with detailed health and asset information

Easily perform network maintenance tasks, such as orchestrated firmware upgrades.

Select a bundle based on workload containing everything to build a complete networking solution

Every validated design comes complete with a recommended bill of materials to verify all necessary components have been ordered

Grow At the Pace of Your Business From Two to Fifteen Racks of Servers The HPE Smart Connect Bundles can configure up to 15 racks (480 servers) in a matter of minutes compared to days needed with traditional manual methods

Simple user experience with minimal human intervention makes it easy to manage, operate, and maintain

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