Promariner 05502, Digital Mobile Charge 40 Battery To Battery Charger 9Bdac1
# Bf2F15556

Promariner 05502, Digital Mobile Charge 40 Battery To Battery Charger 9Bdac1

430 USD

ProMariner, 5502, Digital Mobile Charge 40 24V to 24V Battery to Battery Charger, 20 A In/20 A Out Digital Mobile Charge40 is a breakthrough in battery to battery, on-the-water charging technology

Intelligent alternator and battery over temperature protection

4th stage provides on-demand fast charge mode when needed C3 Software — Engine Battery Management: Intelligently monitors & manages the health of the engine battery while providing maximum charge capacity to the auxiliary battery or bank C3 Intelligent Self-Calculating Absorption/Conditioning Mode: Automatic programming of charge/ absorption time based on discharge state of auxiliary battery or bank resulting in a 100 percent charge while desulfating battery plates and extending battery life On-Board C3 Digital Dash Includes Hi-Vis LEDs: Battery type, charge modes, temperature and fault conditions User Programmable Battery Type Selector: Select Flooded (lead-acid), AGM and GEL batterie Remote Temperature Probe Included Built in Safety: Ignition protection, over temperature and over voltage protection

Protects your engine battery while charging and conditioning your house battery bank, using its all-digital C3 boost-modecharging technology Features In-Transit C3 Software Controlled, Multi-Stage Charging: Optimal fast charge, conditioning & maintenance

Simply connect to the engine crank battery and your house electronic battery, allowing for up to 40 amps per hour to be transferred to your house battery bank

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